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We also made Sedona with our Mod Cloth fabric!  Click HERE for a Sedona cutting sheet for Mod Cloth.

This is our first design that we incorporated both straight pieced blocks and curved pieced blocks. It has eleven different blocks. We love the color and layout variations!  Both layouts are included within the pattern.  We look forward to seeing your version of this fantastic sampler quilt!  

Sedona - Trails (black and white version)

63" x 68"


5-3/4 yards black fabric

5-3/4 yards white fabric

4 yards backing

1/2 yard binding

QCR Mini Ruler©


Sedona - Sky (colorful version)

80" x 103"


(6) assorted green fat eighths

(15) assorted blue fat eighths

(8) assorted orange fat eighths

(1) white fat eighth

(2) assorted gray fat quarters 

      (medium and light)

(1) 1/2 yard blue (dark)

(2) 1/3 yard cuts each assorted 


(1) 21/2" x wof - blue

(2) 1/4 yard cuts each assorted 

       blues (medium and light)

(2) 1/2 yard cuts each assorted 

       greens (dark and light)

(2) 1/3 yard cuts each assorted 

       medium grays

3 yards light gray background (cover 

        quilt has assorted low volume grays)

6-1/2 yards white background

7-1/2 yards backing

3/4 yard binding

QCR Mini Ruler©