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Solarium quilt pattern is a fresh star block and compass block that has the illusion of overlapping throughout the quilt.  The design is anchored by square-in-square and 16-patch blocks.


Solarium Quilt Pattern
84" x 84"
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Technique: Easy Angled Piecing
(10)  1/3 yard cuts assorted focus fabrics
(yellow, light green, medium green, dark 
green, teal, red, maroon, brown, plum, lilac)
1/2 yard focus fabric (blue)
2/3 yard focus fabric (pink - stars and square-in-square)
1/3 yard square-in-square border (black)
1-1/8 yards neutral fabric for compass points (light gray)
2 yards neutral fabric for compass points (taupe)
1-1/3 yards neutral fabric for bright chains (cream)
1/2 yard neutral corner accent in 16-patch (light green) 
1/3 yard neutral fabric for square-in-square centers (tan)
Quick Straight Ruler™
5 yards backing
2/3 yard binding

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