I've been wanting to share pictures of my Quilt Studio here on our blog and when the sun came out today, I hurried and cleaned up my studio and took some pictures of it. 

My old quilting space was something that was not to be desired for!  It had no natural light...no ceiling...no space...no flooring...and I shared it with spiders and the occasional rat, but on a good note I was able to do laundry in between each quilting pass!  

...so when it came time to design my potential new studio, I knew I wanted everything I didn't have in my current studio space.  

My dreams became reality and my studio is everything I've always wanted!

We put in 5 windows to add tons of natural light.  That was #1 on the must have list.  I also found the perfect cutting table.  It's tall enough and actually has a leaf if I want to open it up and make it bigger. 

I love my sewing/computer space.  In order for us to create a lower sewing counter we needed a lower cabinet base.  I found two end tables at TJ Max which worked perfect and gave me more storage space.

I wanted lots of space for my fabric and these cubicles were perfect.  It took some effort to find enough baskets but managed to find and buy out all of them at 4 different Lowe's stores.  The baskets make for perfect storage.

I love my little pressing station.  My DIY ironing board is always set up and ready for when I need it!  I had a light bulb moment one day when I thought of changing our unused wall table to my quilting ironing board.  I painted it...we then drilled about 250 holes in the top to allow steam to escape...and then stapled double batting and upholstered fabric to the table top.  

We added this slat board for my longarm supplies and love how it keeps it all organized and visible.  

I also knew I wanted a place for the kids to sit and hangout.  I looked long and hard for the perfect couch and finally found this one at Ikea. ...and the TV is a must!

In order for us to free up more space in my studio, my husband cut down my longarm quilting table from 14 feet down to 10 feet and our handy friend welded it back together.  

 We ended up getting a pellet stove for our heating source.  We haven't used it yet but I think we are going to love it come winter.  The last studio project was putting up my design wall, a must have in any quilt studio!   

Hope you enjoyed my little quilt studio tour.  I loved sharing it with you today!

April 12, 2016 by Jenny


C Chumley

C Chumley said:

I really like your cutting table. Where can I purchase one? Do you have a model/make?

Your quilt studio is beautiful, great job.


Marcia said:

Beautiful! Waiting for my sewing/quilting area. Is your cutting table DIY or purchased? Looks amazing.

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