Sew Kind of Wonderful acrylic rulers and tools are designed and manufactured by us for use with Sew Kind of Wonderful quilt patterns.

They can also be used by crafters and sewers for general measuring, crafting, and/or sewing.

Curvit long-arm acrylic templates are 1/4" thick. All other tools are 1/8" in thickness.

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Quick Curve Ruler™
Quick Curve Ruler™ Sale price$ 26.00
QCR Mini Ruler ©
QCR Mini Ruler © Sale price$ 19.00
Wonder Curve Ruler™
Wonder Curve Ruler™ Sale price$ 32.00
Quick Straight Ruler™
Quick Straight Ruler™ Sale price$ 30.00
Curvit Long-arm Ruler Set
Curvit Long-arm Ruler Set Sale price$ 40.00
Mini Curvit Long-arm Ruler Set
Wonder Curvit Long-arm Ruler Set
Sew Square 3
Sew Square 3 Sale price$ 9.00
Sew Square 4
Sew Square 4 Sale price$ 13.00
Sew Square 6
Sew Square 6 Sale price$ 18.00
Sew Square 8
Sew Square 8 Sale price$ 24.00
Sew Square 10
Sew Square 10 Sale price$ 30.00
Sew Square Ruler Set (4"-6"-8"-10")