Cupcakes Block Free Tutorial
 Download PDF here.
Photo Courtesy of Thelma @cupcakesndaisies
9" x 9"
Supplies needed:
10" x 10" assorted print squares
8 1/2" WOF solid white strips for skinny curves (4 strips will give you enough sets for 40 blocks)
9" or larger square up ruler
Quick Curve Ruler

Layout QCR over 10" square with the corner sitting 1/2" in from left side of ruler at the horizontal 6" line and the top right and bottom right of ruler sits over the fabric square evenly 1/2" over fabric.  (See red arrows)  Cut in curve cut out, flip block and repeat on other side.

Take an 8 1/2" white strip.  Center between the dashed lines and left edge of fabric corners is under the curve cut out.  Make your first cut.  Shift ruler to right and position so the corners of the previous cut curve sit at 4 1/2" on ruler (see white arrows). Make your cut.  
*Note:  You should be able to cut 10 curve sets per strip.

Layout pieces as show above by alternating the different prints to give more interest to the block.

Sew the skinny white curve to each side of the center curve piece.  Match up ends before sewing pieces together. 

Next, sew on the outer curve triangles to each side of the skinny curves.  Place the curved triangle a 1/4" down before sewing together.  

Press seam from back of block any way you desire.

 Using a 9" or larger square up ruler, square up blocks to a 9" square.  Center the outside curved seams close to or on the 4" marks from the top right corner and 4" in from the 9" mark on the bottom left corner.  (See red circles and yellow dashed square to help you for squaring up your blocks)

You will end up with a 9" square.  Thelma ended up using 36 squares for her quilt and connected them with sashing and cornerstones.  She used 2" wide fabric for her sashing and 2" squares for her cornerstones.  

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~
August 17, 2014 by Jenny



Merve said:

Your crocheting is gor-geous!!! Is there a chnace you can make one for me? LOL, oh I know, make another one so you have an excuse to have something to do when watching TV then use it as a giveaway prize to your neighbor bloggers in Norway! No one would pass up such beautiful handiwork! Just an idea… :-)Hugs, Chandy


Xybrickz said:

Whooo Hooooo! Isn’t that just the best feeling to fnsiih a project?!? You’re a very fast crocheter too! I used to do crewel embroidery & always felt to elated when I fnsiihed a picture, then had the oh no, what am I going to work on now feelings that you have. So just jump right back into a new project!


Ali said:

Came late, but didn’t regret. Definitely very heart waimrng to see the circle thing again. Every kid has to do that at least ONCE in their lives.


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