Throwback Thursday - Curve It Up Challenge

Throwback Thursday!!
A look back at Curve It Up and QAL challenge! :)
Many Thursdays have come and gone since we first thought of this idea, then we realized it was a great idea, selected 12 traditional blocks, added a curve...and voila! 12 blocks went from great to awesome! ;) For many months now we have had so much fun with these patterns and so have many of our customers!  

The possibilities are seemingly endless with this 12

We are excited to announce another Curve It Up QAL challenge beginning Sept. 1st - Oct. 31st We had so much fun and participation with the last one we wanted to do it again! So...we are!! :)We can't wait to see everyone's creativity with fabric and layout choices! We'll announce more details soon. Again, you can find the Curve It Up Pattern here

Happy Day...Happy Quilting!! :-)

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

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My heart was racing as I read this! I want this job & have all the quofilicatians, but I live in Chicago. I love your site & your company, as I’ve been following your achievements for some time. If you ever, ever need someone to work remotely from another state, please let me know. This opportunity is right up my alley and exactly what I’m looking for at the moment. Congrats in advance to the lucky candidate! ; )V. Nikol recently posted..



yea.. i think that where she is or either a cnlohitg store near there.. ahhh i wanna go down there soo bad! but im tired,,, lol and i’d be super pissed if i got down there and it was all over

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