Tuesday Tips have arrived!!
Today's tips...Squaring up Metro Rings blocks with step by step detailed picture tutorials.
First, we'll start by squaring up the W/P/T block. Position QCR on block and center right curved seam under ruler's 1/8" marks and line up point of  block with ruler's 4 3/4" mark.
Be sure point on block is lined up approx. with
 4 3/4" mark on QCR. You may need to slide ruler up or down a bit to get the point lined up.
After all "points" are lined up, trim right and top edges of block. Next, lift QCR and rotate block 180* then re-position QCR by lining up trimmed edges with the 4" and 9 1/2" lines on ruler - trim remaining TOP edge only.

 After these blocks are trimmed you should be left with an 1/8" space from edge of block and curved seam. 

At this point, the W/P/T blocks are squared up properly and ready to be sewn together.
Now, let's square up our block to a 10" square. The W/P/T blocks have been sewn together, the triangles have been sewn on and seams pressed open.
Using a sharpie marker, make a small dot on the
3 5/8" marks at the upper right hand corner of a  10" or larger square-up ruler and the 3 5/8" marks at the bottom left hand corner beginning at 10" mark. These sharpie marks will aid in helping you locate the 3 5/8" marks on ruler easily. Sharpie marker can be easily removed with a little rubbing alcohol or finger nail polish remover.

(ignore the sharpie dot by the 4 - instead notice the sharpie dot over the seam. it is at the 3 5/8" from the 10" line)
Begin by positioning diagonal line on square-up ruler over diagonal center seam on block then line up triangle seams under the 3 5/8" marks on ruler. The diagonal seam and line on ruler may be off by just a bit but not to worry, it's more important that the triangle seams are under the 3 5/8" marks.

After all points and seams are lined up as close as possible, trim top and right edges then lift square-up ruler, turn block 180*, line up trimmed edges under 10" marks on ruler and trim remaining edges. 

Hopefully by following these tips, you will have success at squaring up your Metro Rings blocks.  
Remember our SKW patterns are pretty forgiving so don't fret too much! :) To locate this post easily in the future, just click on the Tuesday Tips page at the top of our blog, there you will find a link back to this post.

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

August 05, 2014 by Jenny



Nancy said:

I found that if I marked all centres when piecing, that the block goes together much better as it makes me control the stretch, I only use one pin. Also if you mark the centre of the strip set you can trim evenly on each side to bring it to 10" and when you piece the two arched pieces together the strips line up.

As for trimming, since I marked the centres, I just measure 4 3/4" from centre on either side, then I line up the 1/8" mark and cut the bottom. I find this much easier…


John said:

Wow! Fascinating! I’m a speech-language poiholagtst. I saw this on Pinterest and am fascinated by it. Thank you for the step by step explanation. I think this is a form of art I may actually be able to accomplish! Very cool!


Dadou said:

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Andrea said:

Thank you for the videos they are very helpful!


christy said:

It’s a good idea, but the points disappear. If you’re wanting a nicely made quilt with proper points, this isn’t the method to use. I’ve been sewing for over 50 yrs and the bias in these blocks makes them come out wonky. Don’t expect anything more than a fun little throw with cut off points. I’m disappointed. Sorry.


Marijke said:

I bought the ruler so I could make a gift quilt. I’m a pretty experienced quilter (25 years of serious quilting) and have made some complicated patterns, but I could not figure out how to do this one. Despite following the instructions as closely as possible, rereading and rereading, and then finding this page, I just couldn’t get my seams to meet as they should.

I’ll try again since I spent the money on the ruler and pattern, but I have to admit, I’m very discouraged.


JC said:

I too am an experienced quilter/sewer. I agree with the other comments. The piecing is easier if centers are found. The traditional curve piecing way. I am working on squaring the block to the 10". The instructions are really hard to follow. I was told by the retailer that Metro Rings was more difficult than the other patterns. I don’t see myself taking a chance on the other patterns. Very disappointed in this purchase.


JC said:

I’ve been working on piecing my Metro Rings quilt (I’m not one to give up!). I purchased Wonder Tape (stuff is awesome) to help in my curved piecing. I did not trim up my strips sets to the 10 inches width, for some reason I needed the extra fabric when squaring to the 9 1/2. Squaring the completed block to the 10 inch was really confusing, but I have to admit when following your tips exactly; it did work out. I do love the look of the curved patterns, doing them does get easier. More instructional videos would be great. Feeling better about my purchase,


RobinD said:

I actually couldn’t disagree more with some of the comments. I just finished my third Metro Rings Quilt with plans to make another, admittedly, I took a class before making my first one because it was the first QCR Quilt I’d done. I’ve since also made Metro Hoops and am currently working on Urban Pods.

My points are exactly matched. I found it helped, while squaring up, to place a small 6" creative grids clear ruler at the point and matched it up with the 4 3/4 mark exactly. (I put pictures on Instagram).


Lynn said:

I spent two days (well not full days) cutting out all of the bits. Started assembling blocks yesterday. (well 1 block). I unstitched it once – but pretty satisfied with my second stitching. Yes it is complex but I think the results will be worth it. I hope it does not end up wonky, as someone mentioned.

Had I read these comments first I likely would not have attempted this. But I will stick with it.


Sherri said:

I bought the ruler and Metro Rings pattern at the Houston Quilt Festival. This is so much fun! Am looking forward to making more of your designs.


Rachael said:

Hi! I love this pattern, and Im working on my own one right now. I’m wondering on the last step (sewing blocks of 4 together) how the seams should be pressed?



Wilma said:

As a shop owner and trying to teach this pattern to a class it was quite frustrating. Too many details are missing in the pattern. I don’t think we should have to go to the blog to find all the details, they should be in the pattern. Updating the pattern would be GREAT. Patterns and rulers aren’t cheap for this project. Not sure I will order more patterns because of the frustration my students had.


Alice said:

I have been quilting for 40 years and have made many complex patterns. I have to say this pattern and directions just don’t work. The points just don’t work. I think the issue is trimming to 1/8th of an inch at the curved seams. I am trimming to 1/4 inch now. Bias edges of the arches are just too much. They won’t iron out nice and flat. Sorry, but this method is a major disappointment. I’ve made 2 other double wedding ring quilts using the traditional method and didn’t have any trouble.


Velda said:

This quilt pattern is made for those adventurous souls who are willing to try something new in order to get something different. It will not always look exactly like a traditional curved piecing Block, so throw that idea away.I have both rulers and several patterns. I am a modern traditionalist and love this pattern. There is more than one way to make a chicken sandwich. If problems arise when trying to square up the block,NYSE whatever method works for you.

Patricia Crum

Patricia Crum said:

I am very disappointed in this pattern.
I am an experienced quilter and find that this pattern just doesn’t work.
Simply a waste of money after purchasing the ruler plus all of the fabric!
Sorry but that is the way I feel – piecing should be fun but this one surely lacks!

Wendy Fullmer

Wendy Fullmer said:

I was beguiled at the concept of the QCR, but after carefully measuring, cutting and sewing I am very disappointed with my purchase, the money wasted on fabric. It is not easy, it is not quick, it is a huge disappointment. I am determined to finish the quilt, but so far it has been a huge pain. There is no joy in this at all.

Leanna Stauffer

Leanna Stauffer said:

I wish you would show better pictures on cutting with fat quarters as that is what i am using rather than a layer cake. The drawings in the pattern don’t on the fat quarter layout don’t seem to look the same in different pictures – (of where to put your ruler curve and cut!) is it off the edge? on the one side? the bottom cutting edge is supposed to be on your 6 3/4 mark? obviously it won’t make the correct curves if they aren’t cut correctly

Cathy P

Cathy P said:

My sister in laws decided to make Metro Rings for a wedding present for our daughter. 3 generations got together several times to complete it & we had a ball! Our motto was"This pattern is very forgiving". We had so much fun that this summer we tried Chic Country as a wedding present for a niece & had even more participation. Thank you for providing us with so many great memories to share.

Cathy P

Cathy P said:

My sister in laws decided to make Metro Rings for a wedding present for our daughter. 3 generations got together several times to complete it & we had a ball! Our motto was"This pattern is very forgiving". We had so much fun ,that this summer we tried Chic Country as a wedding present for a niece & had even more participation. Thank you for providing us with so many great memories to share.

Sherry Smith

Sherry Smith said:

Can this pattern be changed to make a queen size?

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Judy Paiva

Judy Paiva said:

I worked this one up as a wedding gift (the wedding guests brought fat quarters to the wedding). I was so pleased with the final quilt! The bride cried when she saw it. The best reaction to a gifted quilt I’ve ever received! ♥

Connie Bihner

Connie Bihner said:

I have become my own “curve master” sewing the arcs, however, the first trimming of wpt to 9 1/2 " to the 1/8" edge did not give arcs with matching points. I trimmed off the 1/8" and instead trimmed up to the top and bottom edge of arcs and sized to 9 1/2". When I paired (2) wpt sets with a 1/4" seam, I did get the arcs to meet when the setting triangle was added. There are lots of issues with this pattern.

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