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Tuesday Tips!

Tuesday Tips have arrived!!
Today's tips...Squaring up Metro Rings blocks with step by step detailed picture tutorials.
First, we'll start by squaring up the W/P/T block. Position QCR on block and center right curved seam under ruler's 1/8" marks and line up point of  block with ruler's 4 3/4" mark.
Be sure point on block is lined up approx. with
 4 3/4" mark on QCR. You may need to slide ruler up or down a bit to get the point lined up.
After all "points" are lined up, trim right and top edges of block. Next, lift QCR and rotate block 180* then re-position QCR by lining up trimmed edges with the 4" and 9 1/2" lines on ruler - trim remaining TOP edge only.

 After these blocks are trimmed you should be left with an 1/8" space from edge of block and curved seam. 

At this point, the W/P/T blocks are squared up properly and ready to be sewn together.
Now, let's square up our block to a 10" square. The W/P/T blocks have been sewn together, the triangles have been sewn on and seams pressed open.
Using a sharpie marker, make a small dot on the
3 5/8" marks at the upper right hand corner of a  10" or larger square-up ruler and the 3 5/8" marks at the bottom left hand corner beginning at 10" mark. These sharpie marks will aid in helping you locate the 3 5/8" marks on ruler easily. Sharpie marker can be easily removed with a little rubbing alcohol or finger nail polish remover.

(ignore the sharpie dot by the 4 - instead notice the sharpie dot over the seam. it is at the 3 5/8" from the 10" line)
Begin by positioning diagonal line on square-up ruler over diagonal center seam on block then line up triangle seams under the 3 5/8" marks on ruler. The diagonal seam and line on ruler may be off by just a bit but not to worry, it's more important that the triangle seams are under the 3 5/8" marks.

After all points and seams are lined up as close as possible, trim top and right edges then lift square-up ruler, turn block 180*, line up trimmed edges under 10" marks on ruler and trim remaining edges. 

Hopefully by following these tips, you will have success at squaring up your Metro Rings blocks.  
Remember our SKW patterns are pretty forgiving so don't fret too much! :) To locate this post easily in the future, just click on the Tuesday Tips page at the top of our blog, there you will find a link back to this post.

-Sew Kind of Wonderful-

August 05, 2014 by Jenny
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