Quilt Market 2014!!

Quilt Market!
Pittsburgh, PA
We had an amazing time at the quilt market this year in Pittsburgh!!
From start to finish, we had a blast! :)

You wouldn't believe what went into getting to this point! Many little decisions, a lot of hard work and sore backs but definitely well worth it! 
Here's a little glimpse of the process.
Jenny's long legs didn't have much room in that van but managed like a pro...of course she did! ;)

Helen's daughter, Leanna, was a trooper!! We couldn't have managed without her!

School House was sooo much fun!! We had a full room and managed to get through all of our quilts! 

The first day was a whirlwind and a bit overwhelming. Sherilyn and Leanna felt a little like deer in the headlights but managed to get through it and SURVIVED!! By the second day they were old pros!:) We finally got to meet many quilters we had communicated with on line.  Quilters are the most FUN! Right!?!! We also got to meet a few well knowns! Fun for us! :)

Eleanor Burns and Joel Dewberry!!! No biggie! ;)

This beautiful lady on the right, was the first to buy our book at market!! Epic moment! :) And Judi Madsen (fabulous famous quilter), on the left, was our pal here at market.  We all bonded with her and love her to pieces!! She's so adorable and fun fun fun!! :)
And of course, we have to eat right!? A little bonding over some yummy, and at times, not so yummy food!! haha!
Leanna, Sherilyn, Judi, Jenny, Helen

Sherilyn and Jenny
Leanna and Helen

Clean up went a lot quicker than set up! Hurrah for that!! :P  And a little celebrating with what else? TCBY White Chocolate Mousse! Yuuum! :)
3 days at market, 92 demos and 92 demo blocks!! Yes!! A "market quilt" is already in the works! 

We had a wonderful and memorable time at our first quilt market with a booth! We loved meeting so many fabulous quilters, shop owners, etc... etc..! Thank you for all the kind words and support we received! We are nothing but grateful for this great experience! 

Much love! 
Jenny, Helen, Sherilyn, and Leanna

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Amy H

Amy H

What is the pattern of the tablerunner between the QCR and the Urban Nine Patch?

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