We are starting week 4 of the Mod Olives QAL.  We hope you're having fun with your blocks, I know I have.  I played around yesterday with some different layout options!  

Playtime #1

Playtime #2

Playtime #3

Playtime #4

Aren't those fantastic!!  I'm sure I could have came up with more but was a good girl and stopped and refocused. ;o)

Here is my third set of Mod Olives.

I actually like the red more than I thought I would.  It's a nice change to what I usually do!

We love seeing how everyone's blocks are turning out over on the Flickr Group!  You must check them out and leave a comment...we all love comments, right?

Winters are always crazy around my house.  With my husband who is a huge basketball nut, we've had 5 out of the 6 kids playing basketball!!  Today was the last day of games and banquets and can I just say WOW!  We do love it though!

Have a great curvy weekend!!

February 22, 2014 by Jenny

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