I'm having fun quilting on this new QCR design.  We've decided to call it "Metro Twist"!

I had this top all loaded and was going to do some straight line quilting and changed my mind last minute.  I ended up taking it off the frame, reloading it to go the other direction so I could do some custom quilting on it.  Love how it's turning out!

I'm going pretty bold on the two different threads I'm using.

The quilt is so bright that the thread looks great on it!

I wanted to do some different feathers and instead of making them rounded on the tips I'm making the tips rectangular.

These are super fun and simple.  As you can see there is no center vine.  I mark a vine with my chalk pencil first and then quilt one petal to the next going from left to right to left to right and up the chalk marked vine.

The blue thread is a variegated King Tut thread and it looks beautiful on the navy background fabric!  It's been a while since I used a variegated thread.

This pattern is a layer cake friendly!!  How cool is that!  Just one layer cake and your background fabric is all you will need.

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~

January 21, 2014 by Jenny


Monica Choffel

Monica Choffel said:

So excited to use my purchases from the Salt Lake City HMQS. What fabric collection(layer cake) did you use for the Metro Twist?

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