Judi and I really enjoyed reading everyone's entries!  Thanks so much for all the nice compliments!

We have a lucky winner and it's number 272, Bari B!

Bari B said this:
Beautiful quilts and quilting! It would be awesome to win this book!  Thanks for the chance!

Congratulations Bari, you will absolutely love Judi's book, "Quilting Wide Open Spaces"

 Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

~Jenny and Helen~
December 23, 2013 by Jenny



Rudi said:

the field of media that is saciol That’s my point all media is saciol now. because not everyone still understands what it is That’s my point, it isn’t anything. It’s a bullshit term used to describe everything meaning it’s pointless, and won’t ever be understood by anyone.

Sirin said:

Thanks Dawn! I’m finding more and more that its alwyas good to have some gluten free treats available for friends with allergies. But honestly I have people order them for everyone bc they taste good and that way everyone can enjoy them too!

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