Ty is 5 1/2 months old now.    

 He's now starting to hold toys, suck on his fingers and he loves it when anyone talks to him.  He's a very social baby and will let anyone hold him.  We couldn't imagine life without him!


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Hi LukeI did move my blogs across but lulciky I only had a few that I wanted on the new WordPress site so I did it manually.The tool you found looks good, let me know how you go with it



I have been a loyal listener and NO I AM NOT HIDING IN MY CLOSET. I suorppt the podcast and haven’t posted any comments as I do not want to be made fun off because my Spanish. It’s not MARVIN perfect Spanish….jajajajaja. AS much as I love the program…I want to complain about one little thing….TIMELINESS…new episodes are not available on a specific date and that throws me off BIG TIME…. I look forwarded to it and having to check if there is a new episode every minute gets frustrating when the episode is available I literally have to run to Starbucks to get WI-FI before work or school to be able to download it. ? Now that a TRUE FAN…

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