Metro Lattice and broken addiction!

Finished "Metro Lattice" today!

Helen and I worked on this together.  She pieced it and I quilted it.  We decided a simple grid would be great for it.

We used "Cameo" by Amy Butler.  I also broke one of my addictions!!  I only used ONE layer of warm and white batting!!

We fell in love with this design and thought it looked just like lattice.  We are in the process of putting the pattern together for it.

Tula Pinks fabric worked great for the back of the quilt and an olive green binding was just the trick for finishing off the edges and pulling out the greens in the quilt!

~Jenny and Helen~

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Do you have a video of doing the oval section. I am struggling with how to do that part. I have used the metro ruler to do 2 wedding ring quilts and I really liked this one. Just not understanding how to measure each piece and cut it before putting it together
Thank you



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