Oakmoss Candles and Metro Lattice

I've been trying to find some motivation today to start some longarm quilting....so about an hour ago I lit a new candle I got and put it in my quilt room......I just went into my quilt room to load the backing for my Metro Lattice quilt and my quilt room was filled with a heavenly scent!

I'm not one for synthetic smelling candles, so these all naturally made ones really peaked my interest!  My friend Amber makes her own candles and I've been wanting to try them out for a very long time....I LOVE HER CANDLES!!

Her shop is "oakmoss" and her candles are all natural along with the other products she sells in her shop.

Her sweet peppermint lip balm is wonderful too!

....so off to my quilt room I go to quilt up our Metro Lattice quilt and the heavenly scent of Amber's candle "Arbor" !!

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