Metro Medallion ~ QAL...maybe??

I've loved this block ever since I came up with it and now I even love it more!

I think this second version is really going to show off the medallion!  

After I put this together....I got really excited to put the next one together and thought maybe you would want to share my same excitement and put one together yourself...along side of me!!

I guess...that means a summer QAL.  What do you think?  It's a super easy block to put together and it would also mean you would have to pull out that Quick Curve Ruler!!

We will be offering a free tutorial for this block and if we can get 100 people to say they will be joining the "Medallion QAL" then we will host the QAL and will run a sale on our website for the ruler and patterns, starting next week! do we have any takers??

Jenny and Helen

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Hi Richard. This is Julia. I cannot even begin to thank you for fidinng my notebook, but more so because you were kind enough to reach us through here. It actually wasn’t a promotional act, but we will certainly consider your incredible suggestion. Thanks for taking the time to check out our project and contact us here. You have truly reminded me of the humanity in this city. I’d love the chance to meet you.Eternally grateful,Julia



This is actually ralley surprising. I can’t believe that so few surveyed use Pinterest. I utilise the Big 3 (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest) as well as LinkedIn for both myself and my clients to ensure that I’m reaching a variety of audiences in a variety of ways. Not every platform appeals to every person. And I love Hootsuite! Thanks for the tips, Rami!



great ideas !!! i bet your kids are lucky to have such a creative lvoing mom , it also seems that it takes a lot of time to come up with the ideas and use the right products! wish you luck,,,amal from saudi

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