Jodi's Beautiful Quilt

I quilted this quilt up for Jodi right before my computer crashed and was lucky I didn't download these pictures yet! I've been anxiously waiting to share these with you and knew it was okay after seeing Jodi's post on it todayCongrats to her, this quilt pattern is available in the latest issue of "Quilt It", a quilting magazine!

I believe this quilt was the first Jodi had ever sent out to be longarm quilted and I didn't want to disappoint her.  I think she liked how it turned out.  Her husband liked it and that's always a good sign.

I wanted the quilting to have a partriotic feel to it, I like the scallops around the border.

I always love to add some curves to my quilting, I think they accentuate straight lines really well. 

Jodi had mentioned she likes feathers, so I knew I wanted to add some feathers.

I wanted to keep the quilting simple in the red/blue print fabric.  I did some straight line quilting and it wasn't the easiest...I had to start and stop quite a bit....but it's exactly what it needed and I'm happy with it!

I met Jodi at Quilt Market this last weekend.  She really is an amazing and talented quilter.  I loved this quilt!  It was a hard one to let it go.



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Absolutely breathtaking. Whoever can quilt like this are spectacular

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