I had to share this very touching video on Mother's today.




Blanca said:

Pretty much what American Idle said. Instagram and other editing apps are extclay that for editing. The crowd on both Instagram and tumblr is people who think that they are creative and artistic when they use a filter or effect. Their photography lies so heavily on their edits that without these, their pictures wouldn’t be any good (not saying that they were good after the edit). I am a user of Instagram (not really tumblr though) and I rarely use the effects. For my personal taste they look too fake. So there are a few accounts that don’t use filters. But the effects are what Instagram is all about, anyways. :/


Lee said:

The question sholud be WHY not how.If you have CS6 and cannot figure out how to put text etc onto an image then you sholud give your copy of CS6 to a good home and go back to the kiddy sites like instagram.

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