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...on the longarm it go's!

April 09, 2013 by Jenny



Elizabeth said:

Hi Melissa! im so glad you responded.The roasens i have against parents friending their kids on FB etc are based on 2 things:1.- Most parents dont have the trust of their children and do not respect either their privacy or the dont overreact rule so all they do is stalk the teen to know every little thing, overreact on everything even if it is the most innocent thing and ground them for thing they (parents) dont even understand because they dont see the entire context i.e. a comment made by a girl to his/her daugther like omg u were so on that cute boy last night!!! <3" or so and the parents will probably make a scandal and even ground the girl for something that is only in the parent’s imagination when in truth the girl was just dreaming to talk to that boy and nothing ever happened!This point is all about communication, if communication is good in the family there is no reason for all this to happen.2.- This will sound ridiculous but it happens. Their friends wont trust your kids if you are in FB and able to read everything your teen’s friends post! Nobody likes a spy parent online! ive seen it among my friends and its both hilarious and sad they stop writing to the one who has her parents on FB because they fear they will tell their own parents about their life online.I hate writing so much but i rarely have the oportunity to exchange ideas with someone like you!


Mashego said:

or believed. I behvaed erratically, both in my old town and the new one I was transitioning to [See The Culprit]. Then one day, of the blimps said, It’s your birthday,

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