New Color Fixation and Chocolate Strawberries

Fixation- An obsessive interest in or feeling about someone or something.

Okay...I admit it, I have a fixation on yellow and gray right now.  I know this is a problem of mine to the point I will re-do an entire room to satisfy my fixation....last year I had a fixation on gray and green and re-did my family room in those colors (I also needed my gray and green Urban Pods quilt to match)I could have left my downstairs colors they way they were but no, I had to paint the walls light aqua and bring in pops of black to satisfy that fixation (and of course to match my aqua and black Urban Abacus quilt)....and my latest re-do was of course my kitchen in yellow and gray.  I really do drive myself crazy sometimes but always LOVE THE END RESULTS!! what comes next with my yellow and gray fixation???....a quilt of course!  

Oh...I'm in love!  You are looking at the very beginning of my Double Wedding Ring quilt!  I had other fabric picked out for the DWR quilt....but since I currently have a fixation on yellow and gray I had to change my plans!!

I wonder what my next fixation will be?

We love Chocolate Strawberries!!  Who doesn't!

My daughter Brittany made these today.  They are very easy to make!  Melt a bag of chocolate chips, semi-sweet or milk in a pan on low with 3 Tablespoons of shortning.  Once they are melted, dip the strawberries and place on wax paper on a bar pan.  Refridgerate till chocolate is firm, eat and enjoy!!


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