Fabric Wall and Judi's Quilt

Last Thursday morning I was scheduled to be induced and while driving there we got a call saying the induction was cancelled and sorry for the inconvenience.  We thought that was hilariousAfter we got back to the house Jared finished up some little projects and I tackled my fabric.  It was a good time, while waiting to get called back to the Hospital, to fold and organize all my fabric.

I finished just in time and love how my "wall of fabric" turned out!


The bins are perfect for scraps and on going projects.  I also love all the fabric vertical.  I hope it makes it easier for me to thumb through and pick out.

A few weeks ago I got a fun surprise in the mail!  Judi made this beautiful quilt for Ty.  I love it so much.  He slept in it last night and slept sooo good.  I think he likes the softness of the white polka dot minke.


Love Judi's swirls and love the fabric she used!  There's nothing like receiving quilts from good friends.  As a quilter, I know the time and thought that go's into making a quilt.  Thanks so much Judi, it will be well loved and used!

Life has begun with our new little one and I have forgot a few things.  Like how often they like to have their outfits changed.  I think we went through 6 outfits yesterday.  Whether it's him peeing through or spitting up them...Fun

We are all having so much fun with Ty.  There's nothing like a new baby to brighten life up!


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