After renovating the downstairs and cleaning up the laundry/backdoor area, I knew I needed to start working on my quilt room.

We decided to move all my fabric and projects out of some cupboards, so we could use the cupboards for food storage.

We decided to put up some cubicles for my fabric:

I love how this is going to look when I'm done.  My sister gave me the great idea to wrap my yardage fabric around cardboard and stack vertical. you can see in the picture above, I have a big void (hole) towards the back of the room,  it's where I use to hang up all my customer quilts to be longarm quilted.  But since I've cut way back on that part of my business I don't need that space anymore.

  Now that space will be a wall of these cubicles and I love how it really cleaned up that area!  

My quilting room will not be finished anytime in the very near future.  Baby will come tomorrow or Friday for sure.  If he doesn't decide to come tonight, I'm going in to be induced in the morning.  I'm not very thrilled about that and gave my Doctor some strict "Jenny" rules about the inducement.  If at all possible to avoid a couple of inducing techniques.  I've experienced them all and think I have a right to be a bit picky this time ! ;o)  I know what can make labor easier...or not.

...and thanks again for all your nice comments!  I'm sure everything will go well with the delivery.  We are very excited and anxious for this little blessing to come to our family!


February 13, 2013 by Jenny

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