I wanted to say thanks to all the nice and encouraging comments on my last post.  Still no baby...but I'm getting tons done with our downstairs renovation!

Here are a few pictures of our progress:

 I've painted all the walls a really pretty light aqua color.  The wall use to be a gold/tan.  It's really brightened it up.  I also just finished painting the ceiling white (egg shell).  It use to be a really creamy gloss color.  
 I've had this standing lamp and a table lamp that matches for a very long time...never liked them they use to be a sage color, but with my husbands help they are now black.  I picked up two fun white/linen lamp shades at Target.  Love the lamps now!
  We've set the cabinets.  Carpet comes tomorrow!  
  My sewing space is all filled up right now with stuff....I can't even get to my sewing machine and I'm really itching to sew on some of my projects!  

We did get our computer up and running last night....with a new hard drive.  Now it's just taking the time to install everything again and the Design Program I was using for my patterns is outdated and I can't use it anymore ;o(  Now I have to get the newest version of it.....only about $500!!  It better have some pretty neat bling...bling...on it!!
February 05, 2013 by Jenny

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