First off...before I post some not so pretty pictures, I wanted to say thanks so much for all the nice compliments on my "Curve it up" Log Cabin block!  There is so much time involved when hosting a QAL...but it's all so worth it knowing that others are having fun with it and are liking what we come up with!!  Thanks again!! remember the little leak in our downstairs wall... it looks like this....

Isn't that pretty!  New law around here....we had to have everything tested for asbestos and yes, positive for everything and so the whole wall had to come down.  Apparently there was only about 1% found in the sheet rock...REALLY!!  So frustrating!  Now for some good news!

...currently this is what my work station looks like.  This is where I package rulers and do all my cutting.  It's also right by the back door, so it's a collect-all area also.  Every one's shoes, jackets, backpacks, keys and you name it, gets dropped off here too!!  Just a little frustrating, but I've managed to make it work. my darling of a husband came up with an ingenious idea...and that is to turn the not so pretty, no wall...area into my new work station!!!!!!!

Holy Heck!  I'm so excited, I can't even stand it!

It pays working at Lowe's sometimes...we picked up some new cabinets and a new counter top a couple of days ago.  I will for sure be posting more pictures on this messy progress...and in the end it's going to be fantastic!  Now, if that baby can wait just a couple more weeks.....maybe we can get this mess cleaned up!


January 24, 2013 by Jenny


Patty Seebold

Patty Seebold said:

I am unable to find the log cabin tutorial. Love the block.Log cabin in my favorite block, and it’s exciting to see a new twist on my old favorite. The previous post said the tutorial was in this post, but I can’t find it.


Jhon said:

When I do remote sssoiens, I always have them call me, Jennifer. It works better that way. Also, I when I do international sssoiens, we usually Skype because it’s free and I do find that it’s a little easier to read their energy! You might enjoy doing Skype!


Lori said:

Curved log cabin block. I don’t see the tutorial either??

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