My daughter Brooke thinks I'm spoiling this new baby to come because I made some burp cloths for him.  I reminded her that when she was a baby I didn't have all the right tools to make blankets and burp cloths so quickly....she didn't buy that answer! 

I whipped these up yesterday!

I loaded the (pre-washed) gray flannel on to my longarm machine.  I had bought and pre-washed some diaper cloth, folded it in half and layed it on the flannel.  I stitched around the edges to make it nice and rectangular and then cut off the excess..uneven edges.  I then stitched some horizontal lines and was able to do up 9 of them for the amount of flannel I had.

I allowed enough room between each cloth so when I removed them from my machine and using my wavy rotary blade I cut 1/2 inch outside of each cloth.  Ironed that over to the top and stitched it down with my sewing machine.  Easy and took about an hour and half from start to finish.  This could easily be done on a sit down sewing machine too.

Lucky me, I received a Ticker Tape Baby Blanket from my good friend Pam the other day!

 Pam has such a talent with making anything "ticker tape" like!  Isn't this quilt darling!

It's fun looking at each little piece of fabric!  She also loves to write words in her can see the word "kiss", this is one of many words throughout the quilt.

She put that really soft baby flannel on the back, I washed it yesterday and just love how soft and fun this quilt is!  Thanks Pam!

I'm so lucky to have such great friends!  Pam is one of many who helped me start my longarm quilting journey 6 years ago and she will always be an inspiration to me in so many ways!



January 21, 2013 by Jenny

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