Quilting progress on Urban Chained.  
Still trying to decide if I should SID around all the curves or not???

December 30, 2012 by Jenny



Open said:

I might be around a dienfreft group of Baby Boomers than you’re around because I live near Microsoft, but most Boomer women I know go online and many of them go on Pinterest. The Pinterest site is easy, intuitive and fun. And, a lot of Boomers are building their own websites after they retire. As for myself, I’m 60, I can do minor html, I learned SEO by googling around, and I have NO fear or reticence about going online or shopping online. Well, I have no idea what old ladies who live in Mississippi do whether they go online or not. But, who cares? There are enough of us Boomers that we are a market worth catering to. (Personally, I hate Facebook and only go on it to find out what my children are up to or to send messages to friends, however my husband is addicted to it.) Ciao


Threading said:

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