I'm loading Connie's quilt today.  I'm always excited to quilt up a quilt of one of my designs.  This is called Urban Chained.

Connie is my sister-n-law and has been so supportive this last year.  This is the 2nd quilt she's done up of my designs.  I love the fabrics she chose for this one!

...and I hope everyone had a good Christmas!  Mine was fun and crazy at the same time.  

Here is Toby and Trayton Christmas morning.

...and I'm not one to take or show pictures of myself while pregnant...but noticed after downloading my pictures, my husband sneaked in a picture of me.

 There you go!  Me at 7 1/2 months pregnant!

...and if you want, check out my "quilt border's" post ~ again over at my other blog!

December 27, 2012 by Jenny

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