Tips, Tricks and Techniques!

Thanks to some very encouragement comments and e-mails, I've come up with a new plan and am very excited about it!  I was pleasantly surprised that many liked my post on borders, thanks so much for that!  

I've decided to post Tips, Tricks and Techniques on my Jenny's Doodling Needle Blog

I haven't been posting very much on this blog, mainly because I've cut down on longarming for others but was given the idea from a very nice friend to use it for quilting tips, tricks and techniques.  I will be re-posting my borders post on it later today.

...and....really,  I shouldn't take things so personal, I really am very resilient!  I think I've got too many baby hormones running through me right now ;o)

I've put a button on the left side of my blog that links to my other blog and will also share any links when posting tips and tricks on
my other blog.

...also, I'm a day behind for posting the "Curve it up" QAL.  That tutorial will go up tomorrow and it will be the 9-Patch!

Thanks again for all your encouragement!


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