I can't tell you how many times I've had people come up to me and suggest that I figure out a pattern for the Double Wedding Ring using the QCR!  So many times....it's kind of haunted me....and while Helen was demoing the ruler last week at a Craft Fair in Phoenix, she was asked the very same thing....I could tell it was starting to haunt her too!  

....so we put our heads together.....over the phone that is and both started playing around with the Double Wedding Ring idea.

The first thing I did was googled images for Double Wedding Ring quilts.  That gave me the motivation I needed.  I Played....cut...messed up.....took notes....messed up....squared up.....cut....messed up....and FINALLY this is what came from all my mess ups.

YES!!  No templates...no hand piecing...just cut, sew and of course square up!  It seems like it still needs some tweaking here and there, but it's a start.  Do you like the 4 patch in the centers??
Maybe something different?

...and while I was experimenting...Helen was too.

She took a slightly different approach, but I love what she did.  Her blocks are a little smaller than my blocks...and she has treated each block as one...where I treated each block as two units put together to form one.

...and there you have it, all you inquiring minds....we haven't forgotten about you and are finding a way to make the Double Wedding Ring faster and easier!!  Just hang tight just a little bit longer.  ;o)


November 13, 2012 by Jenny


Catherine Solis

Catherine Solis said:

I am so anxious to start my double wedding ring top I like the two color corners I would like a tutorial to help me I do better seeing than reading so glad I bought the QCR ruler thank you

Christine Hoffman

Christine Hoffman said:

Thank you for this article, my first Grandchild is getting married next year 2016, and I want to make her a double wedding ring Queen size quilt in creams. I have been scared off from others I have seen that use paper. Are you able to help me with this project? I am a dressmaker not a quilter ( at the moment) Happy to invest in the QRC ruler and a pattern. Many thanks, look forward to your input.

Patricia Doyle

Patricia Doyle said:

Is there a pattern for this using the qcr?

Cynthia Enoch

Cynthia Enoch said:

I received the QCR and it has a brown paper lined on back ruler. Do I remove this? Its hard to see material through this brown color.

Mary Weeda

Mary Weeda said:

I just need the double wedding ring patter
How do I buy it

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