Before assembling your first block I wanted to go over a few points.

* A medium size rotary cutter is recommended when using the QCR.  

* Remember to put a new blade in your rotary cutter, that way you can stack multiple fabrics for faster cutting.

* If you've never sewed curves before, practice on some scrap fabric before cutting into your good fabric for this project.

* Remember view the You Tube video's, if needed.  They show you how to use the ruler, sew a curve and square up a block.

* We usually don't pre-wash our fabric when working with these curves.  It seams to help the fabric keep it's shape and stay more stiff when sewing curved seams.

* If you have a really stretchy fabric, you may want to consider spray starching your fabric before cutting the curves out.  The starch will help the fabric stiffen up.

* Keep all scraps for each block, they may be used for future blocks.

* Lastly.....have fun!!

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The Churn Dash Tutorial is the next post.

October 23, 2012 by Jenny



Umay said:

I found you googling scprapy churn dash. . .See I have a LARGE number of 4 7/8" squares from when I was making a scprapy Jacobs ladder quilt. . .Well what to do with them?! Well they make great HSTs, but what to do with them then? I saw someone with a churn dash block, and I thought that might work, and so I googled and found yours, and I am decided! I shall be making a scprapy Churn dash quilt)


Agustin said:

A lady in my quilt guild made herself a churn dash quilt: each block was made from levtefor scraps from all the OTHER quilts she had made. The churn dash quilt was super colourful and a terrific reminder of all her quilts.

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