Challenge Day 30

It's challenge day 30 of my 31 Day Challenge and I feel like this challenge had dragged on forever.  Maybe because I started it a few months ago.  

I took pretty much the whole summer off of longarm quilting and I don't think I've done that for...well....ever since I started my business.  It was so much fun to play and spend the summer with my family this year!

It does feel good to get back to the challenge and finish up the few quilts that have been patiently waiting for me and I want to say thanks to the quilters that have been patiently waiting also.

This quilt is my friend Melissa's sisters quilt.  Their grandma has done many of these polyester quilts up for the grandkids.

My machine is quite amazing sometimes.  This is a poly top with poly batting and a sheet for the back!  Yes!  You would have thought I would have had some issues quilting this up but only had a few areas of skipped stitches....which are easy to fix.

Melissa's sister wanted the quilt thick and puffy and I had to work at the front of the machine to make sure I caught any skipped stitches, so this is a freehand all over design.

Next quilt loaded and ready to go.  This quilt will be custom quilted and just check out the HST's on this beautiful baby!

26 of 30 Finished


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