It's day 23 of my 31 Day Challenge and I spent the day at the local quilt shop demoing my ruler.  It went pretty well.  I'm the type of person that looks to observe, you know the type that loves to sit in an airport or mall and people watch....  I felt like I did that today.  I observed all the quilting ladies that came into the shop, most were there to get their stamps and shop hop fabric and leave on to the next shop, a few were there with their dedicated husbands along for the ride, in fact I striked up about a 20 minute conversation with one of them.  

It's always interesting to me to see what quilters gravitate too....what catches their eye....what appeals to them and every now and then I would watch a lady eye one of my quilts and be gravitated towards them and I would get so excited...and usually they are sold at first glance and then it makes it all worth it.  Two ladies this morning were instantly drawn to my demo table and said they were wanting to do something different for a while and were excited to give my ruler a try!  That I love, the thought that what I've created will bring fun and joy to two ladies as they quilt together.  

I've said this before, that it's very traditional up here in my neck of the woods and sometimes I felt out of place today.  I'm not your Costco food vendor that is going to draw everyone over to me to watch me demo, that's just not me.  Maybe it's the wrong approach, but I don't like sales pitches and so I try not to do that myself.

Overall, the day was good and I'm happy I was able to bring something different and contemporary to a few ladies that have been wanting to try something new! ;o)

   This is Georgia and I, she is the shop owner and is absolutely the nicest!  She's been supportive of me from the first day I told her I was getting a longarm quilting machine and now she supports my new love, my ruler and patterns.

 I've got a big day of  longarm quilting tomorrow, I've got some catching up to do!

23 of 30 Finished

June 21, 2012 by Jenny

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