~ Indecisive ~

 I feel so indecisive!  So often I say I'm going to do something and then I change my mind.  Please don't think I'm a flake, I'm really not, I just change my priority's and my mind a lot!  I feel like me and my mind are a million places sometimes.   

...and why am I bringing this up?  I said last week that I was going to quilt each Urban Nine Patch on this quilt differently, but I'm still indecisive!  I've loaded it on my machine and am really excited to quilt it up!

Not sure how I'm going to quilt it yet and if I'm going to do a different design on each block???  I'm not sure my style will let me go in that direction.  I like my quilting to be very consistent over the whole quilt and so it all flows evenly together.

Only time will tell!!  Soon!

 ...and no, I haven't loaded hexi #2 yet.  Soon, very soon!


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