My Sew Kind of Wonderful life is temporarily on hold while I am at Jenny's Doodling Needle.


Funny what pops up in my head while I am standing at the back of my longarm machine, staring at a little red dot that is leading my way across some curvy black lines, over and over and over again!!




Luiz said:

Thank you very much for the comment and commnipelt about the image. As you are a fan of trains, do you maybe know the name of this particular train? I dont know much about trains but would like to add the name to the blogpost just for the informally reason.


Marta said:

Arthur, do you know if the intern made you an admin on your busneiss page? You can try to contact Facebook but generally that’s a tough nut to crack, in this situation. This is why we preach the biz owner must have ownership to their online social sites. If you would like, give me a shout; my pleasure to chat about this with you over the phone. Cheers!


Nelda said:

Awesome you should think of sohmteing like that

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