A Giveaway for a Giveway!

A Giveaway for a Giveaway!  Are you confused?  Let me explain.
I thought it would be fun to get some more eye's on the look out for this bag at Quilt Market, which is in just a couple of weeks!

The only difference is it won't be me holding the bag, it will be Tammy.  Tammy is doing her own little "drawing" while at Quilt Market and in her words, taken from her blog, she says this: 

Okay here are the rules
if you are going to quilt market in Kansas and you see me with this bag I need a business card for your name to go into the draw, all you have to do is say I love your sew kind of wonderful bag listen to me ramble, hand me a card
and wa la you are in
Now for my Giveaway!

I was hoping I could get some help to spread the word about my bag at Quilt Market and the incentive is a 

To enter the Giveaway, I would need your help spreading the word!   You can do that through a Blog Post, button on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest..... linking back to this post and be sure to include this picture:

For each way you help me out, will get you more entries in the Giveaway, but be sure to comment each time letting me know.....so let's say you did a blog post and pinned it on pinterest, then you would leave (2) comments, one for each.  Get it! 
The Giveaway will be open until May 18th, at which time I will do the drawing for the Giveaway and the lucky winner will get to put in their color request for a custom made Quick Curve Ruler bag, like the one above!  You'll have a one of a kind Contemporary bag all put together and quilted by me!

And that's it!! 

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saniyaAugust 24th, 2013 hey,im from pakistan and i just staretd following u on instagram and ur work is aaamazing! the way u play with water colors is just unbelievable.every single item in ur portfolio is very innovative and different.and yout tutorials are very helpful! i would love to intern with you..from which country do you work! after lookijng at your work it gave me inspiration to start mine! best of luck for ur futuree! seriously you have got some amazing hot seller stuff though i would like you to make covers for cell phones other than iphonee! ur a BG inspiration for me! would love to meet you in person!



No, hun you have no challenges for me. What you have is byowusrk. That up there no matter how you defend it is sheer byowusrk. It will not help the fat lose weight and it will not help the weak get strong. The only thing it does is give the somewhat fit something to do other than real work. Now, I tried politely to present the facts above and your defense seems to be to ignore those, be defensive, (because I never mentioned getting ripped in a week either!) and say well, it’s not all they do and even beginners can do it. Which is a crap explanation because you know what else anyone can do? All the stuff I mentioned and more. Squats are a fantastic exercise anyone can do and one that will actually get used in real life. When in real life do you have cause to lay down and curl yourself into a ball? I’ve followed you and Eddie on Twitter as he prepped for his run and I am bothered by what you and so many like you direct people to do which seems limited to running the crap out of people, yoga, and byowusrk (thank god you throw some tabatas in or I’d think you really were a sadist.) Most people could run, walk, or crunch their way around the world and never burn enough calories to do them any good. The entire premise is asinine and goes against the medical research. Oh and shall we not mention the calorie burn the people who listen to you are missing by choosing these exercises instead of ones that build muscle? As we know, the deadlifts I cite will build muscle that will in turn burn more calories when the person is at rest in addition to the calories burned in the activity whereas the running and yoga you cite will not. Oh and let’s not forget the bad diet advice (Spinach Lasagna with non-fat cottage cheese, seriously?) Which I suppose is better than SAD but not by much as it’s practically guaranteed to fail in the long run, except of course for the handful of people not metabolically resistant in Mississippi. Science has passed your kind by, what people like me are actually doing in the gym and out to get success has passed you by. No one really needs a 100 anything to get fit and had I followed the advice of you and others like you I’d have never had the success I’ve had. (And it’s not just me by the way, I know a number of people using similar methods if that argumentum ad populum means anything to anyone.) The only reason I speak up to your kind is because I know what the person who fails feels like. When people do what you say and it doesn’t work for them, because evidence shows in the long run it wont, they will blame themselves when they should really be blaming you for the outdated and uninformed advice. You need to get you some books, you need to read everyone from Eades to Taubes and then you need to read the researchers and studies they cite in their works, because it’s really about the science not our opinions. Our main focus is on individuals that have struggled with being overweight and obese and are looking for a sustainable solution. If that is true then you owe it to the people whose trust you’ve gained to give them answers that will actually be sustainable, not lower the bar to the lowest common denominator and then throw spinach lasagna at them.

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