Before I tell you about the bag, I want to say how fortunate I am to have met so many nice and generous ladies these last 5 months.  Tammy is one of those nice ladies and owns a Quilt Shop in Alberta, Canada.  When she found out I wasn't going to go to Quilt Market in Kansas City, she e-mailed me saying that even though I couldn't be there didn't mean my brochures and a sample couldn't be there.  Tammy offered to spread the word for me and gave me the idea to make a bag out of my ruler to hold brochures and business cards that she could take with her!  Really..?..!..?..! 

Now....on to the bag.....
 I AM COMPLETELY ENVIOUS OF THOSE AMAZING BAG MAKERS OUT THERE and it's because I had never made a purse..bag..pouch..or anything like that.  So I was a little anxious to make one for Tammy and wasn't sure how I was going to do it?

When I was talking to my husband a couple of days ago about making the bag, he had mentioned that he had been thinking I should make some bags out of my curves and thought the Urban Pods Quilt had great design to use for a bag. you need to read that again?  I'll wait........YES, that's right, this was ALL my husbands idea!!

...and so that is what I did, as you can see the bag resembles the Urban Pods Quilt pretty dang close!

The front and back are identical and it turned out better than I thought it would.  I was a little worried....but once I sewed the two sides together, I liked it right away.

Since this was my first bag, I didn't know how to add a lining and found a great tutorial on how to do that on Sew Mama Sew.  I added a little pocket, my business cards could fit into.

...of course it didn't turn out to be perfect, I realized after I sewed the lining on that I had WAY TO MUCH of it!

Shoot....I should have thought of that, but of course, didn't!

I also wasn't sure on how to make the straps, but figured out something with some batting for cushion and then made them long enough, so it would be easy for Tammy to carry on her shoulder.

Here's a reflection picture of me with the bag, showing where it sits, when on my shoulder.  My only other option for a picture of me was having my 5 yr old take the picture....uhm...ya...that wasn't an option!

So if you just happen to be going to Quilt Market and just happen to spot this bag amongst the thousands of people that will be there, than be sure to say hi to Tammy and most of all have SO MUCH FUN!!!


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