I just loved waking up this morning to another Quick Curve Ruler Challenge today on the Fat Quarterly Blog.  I was reading a couple of e-mails about it...before I even knew it was up and couldn't go check it out fast enough...and woa!!!  You've got to check it out.  Brioni did something AMAZING!!  

I'm sad to say this will be the last one going up on the Fat Quarterly Blog and although the challenges are over, I look forward to what other quilters are coming up with using the Quick Curve Ruler.  In fact, you need to check out what Kati and Alison did up this last week, using the Ruler!

I look forward to seeing more great designs using my ruler, so be sure to let me know!  I would love to mention it here on my blog!

Okay....now for the Giveaway, Bente @ I like to Quilt Blog is hosting a Quick Curve Ruler Giveaway with the Pattern Urban Birthday!! 

Love how she did the graphics on this, great idea!

....and Bente, did up this awesome quilt using my Urban Deco Block Tutorial.  Love how she scalloped the borders and added the extra curve design in between the blocks!

So...if you've been thinking of getting the Quick Curve Ruler, head on over to Bente's Blog and enter the Giveaway!

April 22, 2012 by Jenny

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