Festival of Half Square Triangles

Today I'm entering this quilt in the Festival of Half Square Triangles!

It measures to be a 40 x 40 square.   I really wanted to have it all quilted up for the festival and planned on doing an overall design on it, knowing that's all I would have time for this week.....but once I sewed all my blocks together, I saw the possibilities for some REALLY fun quilting and didn't have it in me to just do an overall on it....so the quilting will have to wait ;o(

The "orange/white half square triangles" were done up quite a while ago....almost 2 yrs ago and when I saw that Megan @ Canoe Ridge Creations was putting this festival on I knew I wanted to do up something with these "orange/white half square triangles".

Since making these, I have been busy designing the Quick Curve Ruler and Patterns to go with and so it was a no brainer to add some curves  mixed in with the "orange/white half square triangles".

Now, imagine taking that center block and doing up a bunch of those in a quilt, creating a whole bunch of circles mixed with some curvy triangles....YUM!!  FYI: Future Pattern

Okay...now here's where the fun comes:

I didn't even get close to using up all my "orange/white half square triangles" as you can see here:

I haven't counted them...but there are definitely a bunch in this bowl, enough to use them in a quilt.  So when that time comes for me to quilt my quilt up, I will be giving away these yummy hst's! 

Be sure to check out the other quilts in the festival....there are so many great ones and I'm sure you'll be inspired to do up a half square triangle quilt yourself!

...maybe you could even enter you quilt in the festival, there are some pretty great prizes!!  Last day to link up is Sunday!

Have a great and happy day.....I must get to some longarming!


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