Urban Nine Patch QAL ~ Week #9 (giveaway)

Wow, this week flew by!  Kids had spring break...need I say more.  I did manage to get some much needed longarm quilting done and that felt good....BUT I didn't manage to get an Urban Nine Patch or Urban Deco block done this week.  I'll have to double of next week and sometimes it's easier that way.  

Remember when I did this block:

I was wanting to change up these blocks and add another color combo: 

Well...the block with the turquoise has been sitting on my design wall next to the red one's for two weeks now and every time I look at it I just know it doesn't go with the red ones (not at all).  I keep hoping one day I'll look at it and go, Oh yes...It looks so good together, but sadly that has not happened.  

So I'm going to give it away!  Not quilted, just the block.  Maybe it could be a good start for someone wanting to do the Urban Deco blocks or maybe that someone just likes it....it's even got some FMF in it!

So...no new Urban Nine Patch block from me today.  But I would love to give this Urban Deco block away!

So if you like this block and think you could do something with it or just want it because it could be yours for free,  leave a comment telling me so!

and that's it!! 

Be sure to check out the Urban Nine Patch Flikr Group this week, there are some great blocks going up on it, thanks to everyone participating!

Update:  I forgot to add, I'll announce the winner Monday morning and you must...must...go check out Jessica's Quick Curve Ruler's Design Challenge today!  She did something so cool with it and I'm sure she would love to know what you think!


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