Color Obsessed Urban Nine Patch Quilt Top

I've been obsessed about this color combo for quite some time and really struggled to find the perfect design for it, so I was excited when I finally thought of using the Urban Nine Patch for it!  I'm not sure is was the perfect choice but I'm really pleased with it anyway.

I can now move on and not be so fixated on this color obsession I've had.  I love moving to my next color obsession ;o) !!

I'm glad so many are doing this QAL...because I personally don't feel that this quilt gives the design justice not like others quilts I've seen done up.  I still love it though!

I'm going to love it even more after I quilt it all up.  I really want to accentuate the secondary design with the quilting.

I did up 25 blocks, 5 across and 5 down.  I pieced like crazy Saturday night and through to yesterday and that's how I got it done!


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