Urban Nine Patch Quilt Along (design)

When it comes to picking out fabric for a quilt, it's good to know the quilt design.  

I think.... quilt design and fabric selection go hand in hand!  Have you ever looked at a quilt and absolutely loved it?  Is it because you loved the fabric that was used, or did you love it because of the quilt design? 

As you view each design below, think about your fabric selection.  Each design gives off a slightly different look, just by changing the dark and light colors.  

I've come up with the design.... Now it's your job to come up with fabric selection and the look you want to achieve with it!

Design #1

For this design, notice the continuity of the white curves and the gray background.  It really helps your eye focus on the design, even though there are still a lot of other different colors being used.

Weather you choose to used solids or prints for your fabric choice, keep in mind to stay consistent with a couple of fabric selections.  For instance all of the same small print fabric for your background or for the curve pieces on the outside of your nine patch.

Design #2

For this design,  I replaced the gray background for white.  Now your eye tends to look at the skinny curves and the bright colors are showed off too.

So when thinking of fabric selection,  keep in mind your dark fabrics to your light fabrics.  I like a lot of contrast.  As you notice in the diagram, all my nine patches have lots of contrast.

Design #3

In this design, the only white I've used is for the background edges.  I even used a gray for my 1/2 square triangles (notice block sample, upper left).  The white ovals really pop out and the color seams to blend in with the gray.  

Design #4

This is one of my favorites!  I love the consistency of all the gray curves and the white background.  The nine patches, really pop out in the layout too.  Again....I used a gray for the 1/2 square triangles instead of the white background. (sample, upper left of design)

Design #5

This design uses the gray for the outside nine patch curve and a white for the background.  When I look at this design,  I don't see the circular design as well, but I see the Urban Nine Patch blocks.  And the nine patches don't stand out, like in the design before.

Design #6

In this design the Urban Nine Patches are floating.  This is done by adding 1-2" strips in between the blocks and a border around the outside of all the blocks.

These designs are all examples made up of 9 blocks.  Now this is where you come in and I'm leaving it up to you.  

9 blocks (3 across, 3 down)
  12 blocks (3 across, 4 down)
16 blocks (4 across, 4 down)
20 blocks (4 across, 5 down)

Each block, finished is a 12" square.

Sample of 12 blocks:

Sample of 12 blocks with strips and borders:

You get the point, right?
And a big thanks to all of you participating, it's more than I ever anticipated!  I did a shipment of rulers last Saturday and a shipment yesterday.  A few were international orders and so I want to make sure those make it, before I put up the tutorial.

...so in the meantime, think about the designs and the look you want to achieve.  

Tomorrow, I will talk about fabric...both solids and prints and share with you some tips on how I, put fabrics together.

And for fabric requirements...well that will depend on how and what design you decide on. 

This diagram shows you your fabric requirements per block:

If you would like to put your nine patches together ahead of time, just make sure to use 1/4 seam allowance.  
You want your finished nine patches to be a 8 1/2" square.

I will post the tutorial beginning of next week and the Quilt along will go for 12 weeks.

...oh and if you want to show other quilters out there what your working on......

Thanks and remember....tomorrow will be all about fabric!



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