...warning!  When visiting my blog, you will be curved attack!!  You would think I would get tired of this curve thing, but I'm not!  You would think I would run out of designs to do up, I'm not!  

I cut the fabric out for this quilt on Saturday night and started putting it together yesterday.  It's actually one of the very first designs I came up with and was a no brainer for the curve shape.  And finally.... picked the fabric and color scheme I wanted to do for it and it's coming together so easy and it really is a very simple design.  But even though it's simple,  it will look really cool when I'm done!

I'm sort of in a solid fabric kick right now?  Funny how that works out sometimes.  Solids really do show designs so well though.

...also, I changed things up a bit for assembling this quilt.  I usually piece ALL my blocks first, then iron, then square up, then assemble.  This time I'm doing 3 stacks at a time...and then doing another 3 stacks and adding that on to the last.  It's fun this way,  you get to see how the quilt is coming together as you go!  

January 16, 2012 by Jenny

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