I dream it ~ I work it ~ I smell it ~ I design it ~ I quilt it ~ I think it ~ I love it ~ I admire it ~ I watch it ~ I hate it ~ I have it ~ I obsess it ~ I blog it ~ I Flikr it ~ I sew it ~ I need it ~ 
I AM IT ~ !!

Using some scrap fabric....I played a bit with a new design~

I was lucky with this block...because when I went to square it up, it squared up to a perfect 5" x 8" rectangle!  It's like it was meant to be!!
...and I sewed on these, which I am completely and utterly excited about it!!  By far.... will be my favorite quilt so far!

and the other side of the beautiful stack...

...and I'm quilting up these this week for a couple of customers:

Two custom and an overall design.

...so at times, I really feel like my life is quilting...quilting...quilting.....!!!

Do you ever feel that way?

January 10, 2012 by Jenny

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