My friend gave me these quilt blocks a while ago!!  She found them at an estate sale and new they were old, but since she's not a quilter and she knew I lucky am I!!  

I have a secret love for old things...from furniture to trinkets to quilts and so needless to say I was ecstatic when she gave these to me!

My sisters and mom also share the same love for old things, especially my sister Sherilyn.  She LOVES feed sack material and so it was easy for me to know what I wanted to make her for Christmas this year! I made some pillows...and I love my Longarm for the fact it stitched right through the yo yo's!  I used a blue for the binding, because it's fitting for Sherilyn's decor and it's got the feed sack look.

...also if you want to buy some cheap pillow forms, just go to your local ROSS store and buy decor pillows, usually they have some on clearance for really cheap....then you just take the covers off and use them for a reference size, for your new pillow covers.

...only problem with this post, is these pillows are on their way to Florida right now!  Good thing my sister doesn't check my blog daily?  I think ;o)

December 29, 2011 by Jenny

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