...wow what a week it has been!!  First off I wanted to say a big THANKS to every one's support with my ruler and patterns.  I was a little surprised this last weekend.  Oh.... but it was so much fun!!  My kids had fun too!  "Mom have you got another order?.....let me check....yep 2 more!!"  Way to much fun!  So THANKS again!!  I hope you enjoy the ruler and have fun with it!

Along with launching my Website...I've learned a lot along the way.  From shipping....to packaging....pay pal....international shipping....picking the right printing company.....!!!! (Had a hick up with that this week!)

...and this is what my kitchen table has looked like all week:

...also need to do a bit of organizing

  ....and it seems I've over done it with my right pinkie! 

My pinkie has been hurting for a while, not to bad though, but the last few days it got really swollen and hurt like a really bad tooth ache in my pinkie?  So...went to the Doc and found out it's tendinitis??  Apparently I'm using it to much in a repetitive way...  and to stop using it!  Really?  How am I to do that?  ;o(
I'm releasing 2 more patterns this weekend!  

Now for the game!  If you can guess at least one of the 2 quilts I'm releasing this weekend you will be entered into a drawing to win a free PDF download of any one of my patterns.  
All you need to do is leave a comment as to which quilt or quilts you might think it is or a description of the quilt.

That's it!
I'll announce the winner Saturday morning.

Have fun!  I hope you play along!



December 15, 2011 by Jenny

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