Yummy fabric and a video attempt!

...so I got this yummy fabric Be Spoken in Fresh by Pat Pravo yesterday from Fabric Envy....along with my quilt pictures, which by the way turned out fantastic!  I'm so pleased with them!  Andrea from Fabric Envy took pictures of all my quilts a couple of weeks ago.  She did such a great job!!

I've had a pattern in mind for some time now for fun fabrics like these!!  I think the pattern will really showcase the fabrics!  One of my January quilts ;o)

...and then there is me and my husbands attempt to do up a video!!
Our first attempt was last weekend.  Ugh!!! I'm so glad I didn't go into the filming business!

...so we are attempting again!  We even have some professional lighting going on ;o)...j.k.

Wish us luck!!

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