Christmas Fabric

I saw this fabric on Nicke's blog the other day and definitely had to get some of it myself!  Joann's...50% off!!  And check out the cute little containers that match it, also 50% off!  Every year I make Black Licorice Caramels for friends and family and thought this container would be perfect to put them in and...with the fabric I thought of making some mug rugs to go with.  

The caramels are to die for....if you like black licorice.  I'll share that recipe, when I make them and blog about them.

...also....thanks so much for the volunteer testers for upcoming patterns!  14 to be exact!  If anyone knows me they know I'm a bit of a competitor,  that might  be growing up with 2 brothers just older than me.....  always pushing me to do things beyond my limits!  So....with 14 testers, happily volunteering......well, lets just say....GAME ON!!  Quilt I come!


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