I wanted to fill any inquiring minds as to what's up with my "Quick Curve Ruler" and patterns.

First off....I wanted to say a big THANKS to all the sweet comments on all my quilts.  It's been so encouraging and has helped me to continue forward with my ruler and patterns.  It's been a year since I started this endeavor.  Juggling family, home, church and a longarm quilting business has been quite difficult while trying to squeeze the time in for my patterns,  but I feel like I'm finally seeing an end, to this part of it anyway. 

My website www.sewkindofwonderful.com will be up in a couple of weeks.  I'm currently designing the pattern covers and I have some pretty awesome quilters out there testing my patterns.  My ruler will be available along with the free runner pattern and quilt patterns that have been tested and approved.  All my patterns will be available in paper or pdf.  ...so if you wanted to purchase my ruler...just know more patterns will be available in pdf with in the next month.

Just a couple of days ago I got an e-mail from Krista,  she contacted me a while ago offering to test for me, so when the time came, I took her up on that!  She wanted to practice on the runner pattern before starting the quilt pattern I gave her to test and e-mailed me a picture of it....which looks absolutely wonderful!

She ended up reversing the solid with the print.  I really like the print in the background! 

...and she had this to say:   

I LOVE IT!  Before my husband even saw my results, just going off of my enthusiasm, he said, "I hope she is ready to be a millionaire!"

...and this:

Basically - I love it, I don't know how you came up with it, but I'm glad you did.

...and this:

The Quick Curve Ruler was VERY easy to use.  I LOVE your patterns.  They are extremely easy to read and comprehend. 

...so needless to say that totally made my day!!  
Thanks so much Krista!!

I just wanted to let you know what was up and thanks again to those of you inquiring....it makes it all worth it!!

p.s.  I've got about 4 more that will need testing in January ;o) !! hint...hint!!



November 30, 2011 by Jenny

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