Quilt Photography

...so I've been thinking about quilt photography a lot lately.  Mainly since I'm at that point for my pattern covers.  

First off, I tried taking pictures of my quilts on my own.  Ugh!!!  That did not work!  Then I thought I'd have my Father-n-law help me.  He has a nice camera and a couple of good lights.  That went okay.  I just don't have the heart to tell him I'm not using those photos.  But I did enjoy our time together ;o).     

Now...here's where I get excited!  I went to my friend Andrea's house yesterday.  She is a professional photographer...but I had no idea to what extent.  Can I just say WOW!!!  She had this amazing studio....with these amazing lights and a whole system set up that totally intrigued me!  All the different equipment with this gadget and that gadget.  

After we got things set up, she took the first photo shot....and she said "jenny i think your gonna like these"...when I saw the shot on her camera I was completely astounded at how professional they looked.  EXACTLY the look I want!!  It was like looking at my quilt on the cover of a magazine!

I'm so giddy and excited about them I can't stand it!  Andrea did such a good job!

So my inspiration today is on quilt photography.  These are a few that caught my eye on Flikr!

Thanks for the great photos and inspiration!!

And again...thanks Andrea!!


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