Glue ~ Binding Tip

Finally....took this off my machine yesterday!  Once again....wasn't sure about the quilting, but when I had it draped over my chair and saw it in the natural light I loved how it turned out!  I couldn't resist and had to take a picture ;o)


I do have a bit of snipping to do on the back though ;o(

And of course the binding to finish up! for the glue ~ binding tip!!!!
My sister told me about this about a week ago, and after finishing up Sharon's quilt yesterday, thought I'd try it out.

Sharon wanted me to do the binding on her quilt.  I always attach the binding to the front of the quilt while the quilt is still on my longarm, then I after I take the quilt off, I press it with an iron on the top and then press it over to the back.  This helps me, when stitching in the ditch on the top to catch the back.  But this time I put just a little strip of glue on the back before pressing the binding.  The binding adhered to the glue and completely stayed down for me!  As you can see in the picture above.

The glue washes out, but you couldn't even tell it was under the binding at all.  I just used a really thin strip.  When I stitched the binding down, it was so slick!  I'm definitely doing this for now on!!  I love new discoveries to make things just a bit easier!  Thanks sister! 


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