Pleasantly Surprised!

...okay, so you all were right,  thanks so much for the reassurance on this quilt!  When I took it off my machine yesterday and brought it up stairs to lay out, my family and I all agreed it looked like a bamboo blind ;o)....very organic.  I'm completely amazed at how the quilting really gave this quilt a completely different look of it's own and YES....I love it!  


This was a pattern I wasn't sure I was going to do up...but now I've quilted it and bound it,  I do love it and will write up a pattern for it soon.  Speaking of my patterns and ruler...I'm hoping I'll get my website up real soon, just waiting for some testing to be done and working on my web page!  

Thanks so much for all your nice comments!  It's what really keeps me moving forward with my patterns.

Thank you!  Thank you!!


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